WhatsApp Chat Plugin for Osclass
WhatsApp Chat Plugin for Osclass

WhatsApp Chat plugin for Osclass

WhatsApp Chat Plugin for Osclass

Whatsapp Chat plugin helps Buyers/Visitors to easily Chat with the Seller who listed the particular item with a single click. It can be used to show WhatsApp Chat button in different shapes and styles on listing details pages.

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Uses of the WhatsApp Chat plugin

  • Buyers (or visitors) can easily connect with the Seller (The person who posted the item) via WhatsApp.
  • Buyer can ask questions or negotiate price via WhatsApp.
  • Helps to show WhatsApp chat button on item listing pages.
  • The button will take the buyer to the WhatsApp app in mobile/web with a single click.
  • Adds more Professional look to Osclass websites
  • Improve the website aesthetics

Features of  WhatsApp Chat plugin

  • Different button styles.
  • Button size can be configured.
  • Category of items for which the button to be displayed can be configured.
  • Exclusive button style and size for overlay button.
  • Option to hide the button on small devices
  • Works with non human friendly urls also
  • URL shortening option – to make long urls short for sharing.
  • Supports whatsapp in desktop through web version – web.whatsapp.com
  • Support for custom-field
  • Compatible with TELEPHONE plugin

How  WhatsApp Chat plugin works

This plugin displays a WhatsApp Chat button on item details page if a phone number is associated with the item listing. The phone number can be associated with the item listing either through custom fields or with the help of TELEPHONE plugin. When the Buyers/Visitors click on the WhatsApp Chat button, it will immediately open the WhatsApp messenger with default message to the Seller. Then the Buyer and Seller can easily start discussing whatever they want.

Note:The WhatsApp Chat button will not be shown if the item listing is not having any phone number associated with it.

How to Configure WhatsApp Chat plugin

WhatsApp Chat Osclass Plugin Configuration Step1

Step 1 : Create custom field for mobile number

Step 1: First create a custom field in admin dashboard

Listings -> Custom fields -> Add new

Give the same configuration as shown in the above screenshot.

Please note down the identifier name for using it in WhatsApp Chat plugin configuration.

Note : You can skip this step if you are already using a custom field for collecting seller’s mobile number or if you are using the ‘TELEPHONE’ plugin available in Osclass market.

WhatsApp Chat Osclass Plugin Configuration Step2a

Step 2a : Start configuring WhatsApp Chat Plugin

Step 2a : Start configuring the plugin from admin dashboard Plugins -> Whatsapp Chat

This will open WhatsApp Chat plugin configuration page as shown below.

Follow the instruction associated with each option.

WhatsApp Chat Osclass Plugin Configuration Step2b

Step 2b : Configuring Seller Mobile Number Options

Step 2b : Provide the custom field identifier name noted in the step 1 as the value for the option ‘Custom field slug for Seller’s mobile number’.

Follow the instruction associated with other options. Recommended settings for USA numbers are shown in the screen shot. Please change according to your requirement.

WhatsApp Chat Osclass Plugin Configuration Step2c

Step 2c : Configuring Location, Size and Style

Step 2c : Configure Chat Button Display Location, Size and Style to match with your theme.

WhatsApp Chat Osclass Plugin Configuration Step2d

Step 2d : Configure URL Shortening and Category

Step 2d : If you wish to shorten the URL of the item which is used while chatting with Seller, then please get the credentials from bitly.com and provide it in the respective fields.

Also select the categories of items in which the button needs to be enabled.

Upcomming version features(Free upgrade after purchase)

You will get free upgrade to upcomming version after purchase.(Even if new version price is higher than current version, no extra payment is required)

Buy from Osclass official market only

Each item available on Osclass market are reviewed by Osclass team. So the quality of the plugin is ensured.  SiteSteroid recommends to avoid purchase from other websites.

Download Plugin from Osclass Market


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