Listing Expiry with Countdown Plugin for Osclass
Listing Expiry with Countdown Plugin for Osclass

Listing Expiry with Countdown Plugin for Osclass

Listing Expiry plugin accepts the active period for a listing from listing owner. It displays the expiry date countdown in smart format. The listing can also set to be active from a future date.


  • Accepts active period of a lising(From date and To date) from Listing Owner.
  • Admin have the privilage of selecting the list of categories for which expiry feature to be enabled. (Only for the listings in those category asks the listing owner to select the active period)
  • Allows to select future date as the active from date.
  • Allows to select the active from date only or active to date only, or both.
  • Admin cofigurable option to select Pre-Text. This can give more professional touch.

How to use

  1. Download the plugin from Osclass admin dashboard > Plugins > Market
  2. Install the downloaded plugin from Osclass admin dashboard > Plugins > Manage Plugin
  3. Make the necessary configuration either by clicking configure button in Manage Plugin or Dashboard > Plugins > Listing Expiry.
  4. You can select the pre-text to be displayed along with listing active status.
  5. Tick the Show active till check box to show the active till date for Active listings
  6. Tick the Show active from check box to show the time from which the upcomming listing will be available
  7. Fill Custom field slug, if you already configured custom attribute to get the active period from user. Leave this blank for automatic configuration. If value is provided here, the categories enabled will be based on the categories of the custom field. Also make sure the custom field is of type DATE INTERVAL
  8. You can select the countdown display style as ‘Full’ or ‘Minimal’ according to your wish.
  9. Select the categories, that needs to allow the expiry of listings under them. (If custom field is filled, this will be overridden by the categories selected for the custom-field)
Download Plugin from Osclass Market